Maureen Moss pleads guilty to gathering forged signatures for Republican senate candidate Jon Keyser

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Maureen Moss. (Courtesy of Denver City Attorney’s Office(

Maureen Moss. (Courtesy of Denver City Attorney's Office)

A petition signature gatherer faces up to six years in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to forging people's names to get Jon Keyser on the Republican primary ballot.

Maureen Moss pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery, which is a class-five felony. In February and March 2016, the 45-year-old submitted numerous forged petition signatures that eventually ended up with the Colorado Secretary of State, according to the Denver District Attorney's Office.

Moss is scheduled to appear Jan. 20, 2017, for sentencing. She faces a range of probation up to six years in prison.

Keyser, a former Jefferson County state representative, did eventually make it onto the primary ballot. He lost his bid for the Republican senatorial nomination badly to El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn. Glenn went on to lose his bid for U.S. Senate to incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet.

Denver7 played a key role in investigating the forged signatures.

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