RTD wins international award for A Line, while facing federal deadline to fix it

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The A Line by DIA. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

The A Line by DIA. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

The cognitive dissonance over the A Line between local news and the rest of the world continues. 

RTD accepted the Travelport Project of the Year at the Global AirRail Awards this week. Meanwhile, the agency is still working to fix the crossing gates on the line.

RTD Senior Manager of Communications Nate Currey presented the award, and he acknowledged that there are differences between how the line is envisioned and its current performance.

"I think the difference is in looking at the long term future this organization promotes, the construction of rail to the airport as an intermodal way to enhance a city," he said.

To be fair, the award is given to a project that "is contributing or will contribute greatly to future air-rail services," according to RTD. Winners were selected on the basis of "service to customers, business results, innovation, communication, cooperation and other selected criteria."

That doesn't necessitate a perfectly working line, but it still feels like an extension of the glowing national praise that failed to acknowledge what's currently happening on the line.

"When we're in it every single day, it seems like the biggest deal in the world," Currey said. "The rest of the world, they're like, 'That's what it's like to run a big train. Welcome to the big leagues.'"

Under the current federal deadline extension, RTD has until late January to fix the crossing gates.

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