Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Dec. 11

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Mist floats over the South Platte River on a snowy day. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) skyline; cityscape; cowx; weather; cold; snow; winter; kevinjbeaty; denver; colorado; denverite;

Mist floats over the South Platte River on a snowy day. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

The news today includes a the Colorado judge who could become the next Supreme Court justice and team of lawyers taking on Trump. Read on for a rollicking day of Sunday news.

Hancock says don't take tents and blankets from the homeless

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is ordering Denver police to temporarily stop taking camping equipment, including tents and blankets, away from homeless people because of frigid weather. (AP)

Colorado judge could become next Supreme Court Justice

Tim Tymkovich is a “rock-solid conservative,” Former Colorado Supreme Court Justice Jean Dubrofsky says. And one University of Denver law professor is worried about how Tymkovich would rule free speech cases. (DP)

DPS says time to close three elementary schools

Lacking evidence to show that the three low-performing schools are on the path to improvement, Denver Public Schools has recommended closing them. The school board is scheduled to vote Thursday on the recommendations. Here's what happens if they take the recommended course of action. (Chalkbeat)

Self-driving shuttle on its way to Peña Station Next

Plus, there's more futuristic goodness coming to this Panasonic Hub outside of Denver. Learn why all these gadgets are being installed and why people are calling it the city's "living lab." (DP)

Uh oh: Broncos' wide receiver Marlon Brown on injured reserve

That puts linebacker Quentin Gause on the active roster. He's a rookie from Rutgers who spent the last eight weeks on Denver’s practice squad.  (AP)

Denver Broncos will have their hands full with the Titans this afternoon

While you're pondering what it means for your office pool that the Broncos are switching their lineup, check out Christian's preview of the game. Spoiler: Broncos need to defend the run. (Denverite)

Lawyers team up to fight possible rights violations from Trump

The group formed after election day and now attorney David Lane has forty Colorado attorneys prepared to dedicate countless hours to the fight. (Fox31 Denver)

Careful skiers and snowboarders, backcountry avalanche warnings up

If you know someone who likes backcountry runs, tell them to chill out today. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center says there are very dangerous avalanche conditions in north-central Colorado. (CBS4 Denver)

Colorado needs to protect every bit of its water

Population growth means that every bit counts, say scientists, including the smallest streams. But it's hard to figure out who would take care of all that water. (DP)

Journalist with decades-long career dies from cancer

Eighty-year-old Peter Blake was "one of the good ones." The Denver Post reports that he died of an aggressive brain tumor at Denver Hospice Wednesday, leaving behind his wife and two sons. (DP)

Colorado Avalanche lost pretty bad

The Montreal Canadiens crushed Avs 10-1. Everybody's sad. (AP)

 Do Something

You heard me. The weather is pretty nice and Ashley put together this great list of possibilities for you. (Denverite)

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