Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Dec. 18

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Winter over the 16th Street Mall. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) holidays; christmas; weather; cowx; winter; denver; denverite; colorado; kevinjbeaty;

Winter over the 16th Street Mall. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

It's supposed to reach a balmy 28 degrees today, so reach out of your blanket mountain and into the world. Here's the news.

A Line having issues at 61st & Pena Station

RTD is operating bus shuttles between 61st & Pena Station and Denver International Airport. Give yourself extra time if you're traveling today. (Denverite)

Actually, the whole airport looks like a mess right now

Three hundred flights were cancelled yesterday and lots of people had trouble getting their baggage. Probably worth giving yourself extra extra time if you're traveling today. (Denver Channel)

Homeless shelters crowded with the freezing temps too

Shelters that normally close during the day were allowing people to stay inside Saturday. With temperatures below zero, shelter workers were preparing for even more people Saturday night. (DP)

Colorado is trying to keep its healthcare exchange

Kevin Patterson, chief executive of Connect for Health Colorado, says uncertainty is the toughest part of the new health care climate. But he's prepared to "turn on a dime" to keep health care accessible (Vox)

You think you're mad you don't have an RTD smart card? RTD is madder.

If you've been to many other American cities and used their public transportation, you may have used a small plastic card that you can load with money to pay your fare. RTD wants a system like that, and some RTD board members blame Xerox. (Denver Streetsblog)

Getting Christmas trees to families that don't have much

For Michelle and David Fein, giving away one Christmas tree lead to a lot more giving. To date, Christmas Tree Project has given away more than 1,500 fake and fresh trees. (DP)

How Whole Foods fosters local food

If you're starting out as a food entrepreneur, getting into Whole Foods, whether on their shelves or in their cafeteria is a big deal. Take it from Biju’s Little Curry Shop, Beyond Burger Bar or another one of the 15 partnerships in some stage of development. (DP)

Smashburger plays anti-police song while officer eats

The chain later apologized for the franchise that played "F*ck the police" on repeat. (Fox31)

The Broncos are playing today

Tom Brady is enjoying one of the best seasons of his career at 39 and Brandon Marshall is out for a second straight game. Let's just see how this pans out this afternoon. (Denverite)

Show the cold that it doesn't tell you what to do

You could be decorating cookies today, seeing a play or watching art happen. Look, it might be worth leaving the house today is all I'm saying. (Denverite)

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