What $420,000 gets you in Denver and three other housing markets

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The exterior of 4559 Batavia Place. (Courtesy of Redfin)

The exterior of 4559 Batavia Place. (Courtesy of Redfin)

If you never want to go outside because of the cold, you might as well own the home you're never leaving. But what cold-stopping edifice could you get if you lived in a city other than Denver? Here's the answer from three different urban housing markets.


The only fault I find in this home is the strange wood panelling on the second floor, even if it is reclaimed wood. Otherwise, this home has a perfectly lovely exterior and all the contemporary style one would expect of a newly constructed home.


This home is practically double the size of the Denver entrant, plus it has a large enclosed front porch. Additionally, this historic home has original woodwork and a fireplace. If you were shopping for homes based purely on square feet, prettiness or porch quality, this would be the winner.


It's negative 8 degrees in Minneapolis as I write this. Other details worth considering: the lovely light fixtures casting shadows and a delightful back patio. I hear good things about this twin city, so if you can stand the cold, this seems like a worthy home.


If you bought this half-duplex in South Park Hill, I suspect that you'd have to get to know your neighbor. Maybe you'd bond over the subway tile in your basement and lament your blonde wood fixtures.

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