Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Dec. 19

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Outdoor portrait of two men, a woman, and dog near the edge of Archer Canal in Denver, Colorado. (Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/CHS-L2427)

Hello. We've got a news roundup this morning that will make you want to learn more about your city, from its rap scene to the ethics of its city council. Read on, readinators.

Outdoor portrait of two men, a woman, and dog near the edge of Archer Canal in Denver. (Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/CHS-L2427)
Denver's first breakout rapper:

That's how The Know describes Trev Rich, who was signed to Cash Money Records earlier this year. He's reportedly a low-key guy, not a big party animal. Look for introspective lyrics in his new mix tape, to be released Dec. 19, as Dylan Owens reports in a feature story. (The Know)

What kind of gifts does a council member get?

A proposal on the table tonight would make it a lot easier to tell what kinds of goodies Denver's leaders are getting. A separate plan would put harder limits on what they can accept. Read up and get involved. (Denverite)

Why can't Colorado prisons beat Hep-C?

The viral disease Hepatitis C kills more people in the state's prisons than most other causes. New "wonder drugs" can cure it, but they're quite expensive, so only a few patients get treated. Advocates ask: Would earlier treatment be more humane and more cost-effective? (Westword)

Meanwhile, people are trying to push down the $3,000 price of right-to-die drugs, which are newly legal in Colorado. (Denverite)

What it's like to use the CDOT's new mileage tracker:

CDOT is figuring out how to track drivers' miles so that electrics can be taxed the same as gas guzzlers. Cathy Proctor finds that the new mileage-counting device is a pain to install– but it also has some interesting/creepy features, such as the ability to rate your driving. (DBJ)

More changes for Chipotle:

The company just increased the size of its board by 50 percent, giving more power to a billionaire activist investor who wants to reshape the company. (Investing)

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