Colorado’s ultimate shorts guy: Who and why is he?

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Why. (Andrew Kenney/Denverite)

It was -5 degrees at Winter Park Resort for parts of Sunday. This is what I saw at the Sunnyside lift:

Shorts and skis on Dec. 18 at Winter Park Resort. (Andrew Kenney/Denverite)

Yes. It was Colorado Shorts Guy in his highest, purest and red-leggedest form, and I had many questions.

Why. (Andrew Kenney/Denverite)

People were shouting comments at him, such as "Why are you wearing shorts?" and "Those are shorts." He did not care. Perhaps he enjoyed it. Maybe the cold wind on his knees makes him feel alive. Maybe the disbelieving stares stimulate some deep-bro spirituality in his knickerbockers.

I may never know. I meant to interview him, but the chairlift got stuck right after he got on. The answer, my friends, was blowing in the wind (in its britches).

I can tell you that he had a goatee and he was a large man, and he seemed pure of heart. Please find him. Please tell him that we need answers -- for the youth.

If you have an explanation, email me.

In other natural phenomena news, I saw this sun dog on the same day:

A sun dog on a sub-zero day at Winter Park. (Andrew Kenney/Denverite)

Truly blest.

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