A ton of people got married in Denver in 2016

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(Fabrice Lambert/Wikimedia Commons)

(Fabrice Lambert/Wikimedia Commons)

Denver saw a record number of marriages last year, with 16,048 people tying the knot.

These numbers come from Denver Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson. The 8,024 couples who got marriage licenses in 2016 represent a 9 percent increase from the 7,339 couples who got married in 2015, which was itself a record-breaking year.

More people have gotten married in Denver each year than the year before since 2007, according to city data. Population growth is probably playing a big role in the increase: more people, more marriages.

Denver actually has a lower rate of marriage than the country as a whole, with just 41 percent of the residents aged 15 and older being married.

No word on how many people got divorced in 2016.

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