Denver’s David Sirota to lead the left’s “answer to Breitbart”

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

staff photo

David Sirota, the investigative reporter and former Denver radio host, will be the chief executive of a news media organization chaired by David Brock, an influential liberal fundraiser and political operative.

Sirota currently is senior investigations editor for the International Business Times. He hosted a drivetime show on AM760 in Denver until 2012 and still lives here.

Brock currently runs a network of liberal outlets including Media Matters and ShareBlue, which will operate under True Blue Media.

Brock earlier said he was raising money to fund the “Breitbart of the left,” but more recently referred to the new project as the “answer to Breitbart,” BuzzFeed reported. Breitbart is a news outlet that has become hugely popular by explicitly pushing forward “alt-right” narratives and stories with descriptions such as “black crime” and “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy.”

Sirota investigated and wrote stories critical of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the International Business Times, while Brock and his media outlets were far more supportive of the Democratic candidate. Both have pressed hard on President-elect Donald Trump.

Here’s how Sirota described the new outlet’s goals in a written release:

“Our mission is straightforward: to fearlessly report on the most important issues of the day, to break original news, and to scrutinize the political forces and elite powerbrokers that affect — and often harm — the public at large. Our coverage areas will not be dictated by Beltway conventional wisdom, but instead by the real issues and crises facing millions of people throughout the country.”