Urban Peak Denver will fortify training programs for young homeless people with a grant from Bank of America

The nonprofit Urban Peak on Monday accepted a grant of $200,000 from Bank of America’s Neighborhood Builder program.
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A summer crowd gathers on “Stoner Hill,” also known as Overlook Hill, in Commons Park. (Andrew Kenney / Denverite)

A crowd of young and often homeless people gathers regularly on "Stoner Hill," also known as Overlook Hill, in Commons Park. (Andrew Kenney / Denverite)

The nonprofit Urban Peak on Monday accepted a grant of $200,000 from Bank of America's Neighborhood Builder program. The grant is "flexible funding," meaning Urban Peak can use it however it sees fit.

Urban Peak is Denver's first and only overnight shelter for young people experiencing homeless. Founded in 1988, it also runs a drop-in center, a street outreach team, long-term housing and educational and jobs-training programs.

Bank of America has invested about $3.8 million in organizations around Denver since 2013, according to the bank.

Urban Peak reported that it will use the funding to fortify its education and employment program, offering "enhanced access to the state-of-the-art technology and training" that young people "need to overcome real life challenges and become successful, self-sufficient and thriving members of the Denver community," as Kim Easton, CEO of Urban Peak, said in a news release.

“The Neighborhood Builders Award is an exciting opportunity for Urban Peak to make an even greater impact in our community."

Urban Peak Denver reported about $5 million in contributions, grants and other revenues in its 2014 tax year. Urban Peak also operates in Colorado Springs.

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