What $425,000 buys in Denver and three other housing markets

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Homes selling for under $400,000 are part of the real estate feeding frenzy, according to the latest Denver Metro Association of Realtors trend report.

So let's step outside the shark tank and see what's available for just a little over $400,000 in Denver and a few other markets.


Normally a property "in the heart of downtown" means 'eh, maybe within striking distance of downtown,' but this loft is basically on the 16th Street Mall. You also get some nice big windows and very tall ceilings.

Fort Collins

Looks like a great house to host a giant party in, with all that counter space. It's also the cheapest per square foot and the biggest of the bunch. The one drawback to my millennial eyes is that it's not that close to Fort Collins' downtown, about a 10 minute drive away.


  • $424,900
  • 59 Horace St, 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1,098 square feet

If having your team in the Super Bowl is important, then you should move to Boston. Sorry, but they've been in the Super Bowl more than any other team in the past 10 years. On the other hand, this is also the most expensive home per square foot, so football better be important to you.


Every time I walk past a porch with no one on it, I think 'I would sit on you all the time if you were mine.' So I'm very impressed with this delightful-looking porch. And as I write this, the Falcons are ahead 13 points, so if Super Bowl championships --but only current ones-- are important to you, this might be the best deal.

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