What $290,000 buys you in Denver and three other real estate markets

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The exterior of 1121 W 13th Avenue, listed at 0,000, according to Redfin. (Courtesy of Redfin)

Last week, a Denver realtor associated with Redfin said that houses under $300,000 are nearly always purchased with cash. Some readers found that alarmist. I'm interested to explore more too.

In the meantime, it does create a price point that's worth exploring: homes under $300,000. This week, we looked at homes right near that point in Denver and three other markets.


I love a good-looking small home and this one is in a great location in central Denver. There's even room for two parking spaces out back.


This house has the quaintest kitchen features and that's enough for me. Plus, with nearly 700 square feet, it's the second-biggest option this week.


I'm also a big time sucker for sun, so the opening foyer of this home is very covetable for me.


Ok, so what if I did start watching Big Little Lies and wonder how expensive it would be to live the Reese-Witherspoon-on-the-beach life? Turns out it is a very expensive life as this was the only house listed for sale below $300,000.

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