Surprise! Here’s the first episode of Denverite’s podcast!

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Hi, Denverite family! Thanks, as always, for reading, for letting us know when you’ve got ideas or questions ( and for telling your friends about Denverite’s newsletters! Quick bit of meta business for you: We’ve launched a podcast! First episode is right below, you can subscribe via RSS — we’ll be in iTunes shortly, but we’re not there yet — and there’s a little more information about our podcast plans below:

We’re launching Denverite Now with the help of Paul Karolyi, of the Changing Denver podcast. (Paul has also written for us before — about the end of a well known Denver podcast called These Things Matter — and is the partner of Denverite reporter Megan Arellano.)

He’ll come to the office once a week with a general idea of who he’d like to talk to and what he wants to know, and because he’s a thoughtful guy, we’re going to trust his judgment and try to make ourselves as available as possible. I’m excited about it because I think he’ll surprise us with questions we won’t necessarily have thought of, he’ll tease out some of the things that don’t always fit into news stories and he’ll be kind of a voice for some of our more engaged readers between times when we can all actually get together face-to-face.

In this first episode, he had questions for Erica about this week’s camping ban trial — and that turned into some discussion of jury selection — talked with Christian and Ashley about Colorado Rockies baseball and innovative nachos, and asked Adrian for a quick marijuana update.

If you’ve got questions you want answered on the podcast, tweet at us using the hashtag #DenveriteNow, or just shoot us an email at Thanks for listening!