Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, April 13

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Hay stack and automobile of peach pickers, Delta County, Colorado, 1940. (Russell Lee/Library of Congress/LC-DIG-fsac-1a34202)

Hello, readers. Today we've got a "spicey" town hall, good eating on East Colfax, a successful bus, redevelopment near Elitch's and more. Let's go.

Hay stack and automobiles of peach pickers, Delta County, Colorado, 1940. (Russell Lee/Library of Congress/LC-DIG-fsac-1a34202)
Coffman on Spicer:

The Aurora congressman, Mike Coffman, says that White House spokesman Sean Spicer "needs to go." Read what else happened when Coffman faced hours of constituent questions. Erica reports. (Denverite)

East Colfax eating:

Ashley talked to the locals and drew up this list of beloved restaurants on East Colfax. I think Pete's Kitchen is next on my list. (Denverite)

Flatiron Flyer:

The new bus between Denver and Boulder (and beyond) is super popular. Ridership grew 40 percent in 2016, resulting in some tight-packed buses. The major limiting factor right now is a lack of drivers, as Elizabeth Hernandez reports.

Elitch Gardens parking redevelopment:

There are about 17 acres of surfacing parking lots near Elitch Gardens, and now the park's owners are considering redeveloping them. (DP)

The end of a jingle:

FirstBank, based in Lakewood, has replaced its former slogan. It used to be "The Colorado Bank for You," and now it's "Banking for Good." I actually have no idea how the old jingle went and can't find any videos. (DP)

$1.1 million worth of weed church:

Lots of press this morning about the International Church of Cannabis at 400 South Logan. The Cannabist has a story on how it will test the limits of the city's rules about social pot use. Meanwhile, Amy DiPierro has some details on its founder, a startup guy and investor whose family paid $1 million for the building and who wants to raise $100,000 for additional fixes. Also, check out the artwork. (Cannabist, BusinessDen)

Kerr for Congress:

Andy Kerr is the Lakewood state senator who introduced that bill that would have allowed cyclists to roll stop signs. Now he's running for U.S. Congress to replace fellow Democrat Ed Perlmutter, as Peter Marcus reports. (Colorado Politics)

Nate Marshall and Nate Marshall:

A guy named Nate Marshall in Chicago is a poet who "writes about inequality and his experiences as a young, black man in Chicago." A guy named Nate Marshall in Denver reportedly has ties to a white supremacist group and likes to use the phrase "black lives matter terrorist." They recently met on the internet, and it went OK, as Kelly Bauer reports. (DNAInfo)

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