Baby animal alert: Denver Zoo welcomes Umi the endangered Malayan tapir

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Umi the baby tapir. (Courtesy of the Denver Zoo)

Umi the baby tapir. (Courtesy of the Denver Zoo)

Would you like to see an animal that looks like a pig, but has a stubby version of an elephant trunk? How about the baby version of that?

Malayan tapir mom Rinny gave birth to Umi early in the morning of Saturday, May 6, the Denver Zoo says. You can't see her just yet though: Umi will be out of sight until she is able to swim and mom and baby are comfortable going outside.

Rinny and Umi. (Courtesy of the Denver Zoo)

Umi is the third baby of her species born in the Denver Zoo. There are currently fewer than 2,000 Malayan tapirs in the wild due to habitat loss and hunting, according to the zoo.

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