Denver weather forecast for today, June 11: Still so hot

Let’s all hold very still.
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Whenever it's really hot out, I think of this exchange from "Away We Go":

Grace: So, you want to get a drink here or go out? Do you need to eat?
Burt: Oh, we don't want to go out there. Not right now. No, it's like an oven.
Grace: Yeah, it's pretty hot.
Burt: No, no, I mean literally, like an oven. Like if you were in an oven, that's what it would be like. It's almost like God's trying to melt us all down and make something better.
Grace: Wow, Burt, that's so stoney.
Burt: Well, it's just the Bible.

What I'm trying to say is that it's biblically hot out there, and also that you should watch "Away We Go." It's a great movie.

Anyway, the National Weather Service says the high today will be around 92. Not quite oven-hot, but it sure feels like it. It'll be mostly sunny and a little breezy. The overnight low will be around 57.

Stay cool.

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