B-Cycle will let you keep that bike all day for $35 now

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A B-Cycle station on 13th in Capitol Hill. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

B-Cycle now will allow riders to rent bicycles in Denver for a full day for $35. That will allow people to keep bikes out for much longer without checking in at B-Cycle stations or paying extra fees.

Previously, if you needed a bike all day you would pay a $9 start-up fee. That price would give you unlimited use of the system for 24 hours -- but only for short trips. If you kept the bike out for longer than 30 minutes at a time, you'd be charged another $5. (This option is still available.)

So, under the old system, it would cost you $244 if you wanted to keep a B-Cycle for a full day without checking it back in.

Now it will be $35, no check-ins required.

Theoretically, you could use that extra time to take an extended trip around Denver's greenway system. The change is aimed at people who want to take longer trips or explore at a more leisurely pace. If you're just dashing from place to place, you probably want to use the original pricing model.

For more on B-Cycle, check out Megan's analysis of where people ride. She also has an interview with the new director of Bike Denver.

Denver's B-Cycle pricing as of July 2017. (B-Cycle)

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