SkyWest plane’s engine bursts into flame after landing in Denver

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A SkyWest flight from Aspen landed in Denver just before one of its aft-mounted engines caught fire on Sunday, according to passengers. Denver International Airport confirms that all passengers were evacuated safely and all runways were quickly reopened.

"Everyone is safe though shook. All our stuff is on the plane. Waiting for diaper bag, stroller, ID, all my personal items," Rabia Chaudry tweeted at about 3:20 p.m.

Raiyan Syed, another passenger, said there was an "immediate response," with a "(h)uge thanks to pilot and crew for helping get passengers off safe."

Chaudry is an attorney whose work was featured prominently in the podcast Serial. Some aboard the flight, including Raiyan Syed, were returning from the Aspen Ideas Festival.

The plane left 9 minutes early and landed 12 minutes ahead of schedule, according to FlightAware. It was a United Express plane operated by SkyWest, according to the Associated Press.

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