Your Denver news podcast topics this week: Health-care protests, the Rockies and First Friday

Here’s this week’s episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!
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Here's this week's episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!

Here's how our host, Paul Karolyi, describes this episode:

This week on Denverite Now…

1) Dave reports back from his weekend at Denver Comic Con. He ran a special newsletter the week leading up to the con and attended all three days. Here’s a selection of the pieces that ran in that newsletter:

Denver Comic Con and whether or not you should go: A very good guide, if a bit late

LOOK: Wonder Women at Denver Comic Con

Things to do in Denver in June and July for nerds, geeks and Denver Comic Con fans

2) Andy, Erica and Ashley talk through the recent protests over the U.S. Senate Republicans’ new health care proposal, including the high-profile sit-in at Sen. Cory Gardner’s office last week. Here’s Denverite’s coverage of their action in chronological order from the beginning:

Protesters occupy Sen. Cory Gardner’s office overnight, demand answers on Medicaid

“Rather go to jail than to die without Medicaid”: Denver police arrest protesters at Cory Gardner’s office

Activist Carrie Ann Lucas told Denver police to Google how to use her wheelchair; now she’s charged with interference

If Gardner protesters remain jailed overnight, attorney David Lane threatens lawsuits

Gardner protesters released from jail after 30 hours, vow to keep fighting

3) With the Major League Baseball season just over halfway done, we check in on the Rockies with Christian. Here’s the piece Christian wrote about Jon Gray’s 467-foot home run:

Jon Gray – a pitcher – hit the Rockies’ longest home run of the season

And here’s his coverage of the four Rockies getting picked for the All-Star Game.

4) Ashley returns with insights and recommendations to make tomorrow’s First Friday into your best Friday.

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