What $352,000 buys you in Denver and three other real estate markets

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The exterior of 720 S. Grant Street. (Courtesy of Redfin)

The exterior of 720 S. Grant Street. (Courtesy of Redfin)

Ok, I'm truly embarrassed to admit this, but I went to someone's lovely new house this week and looked up how much it cost after I left.

So this week's comparison of real estate across the county is inspired by that beautiful [price redacted] home. Here's a look at what about $352,000 gets you in Denver and three other markets.

Oh and if $352,000 isn't quite your price range, I've also checked out what $379,000, $415,000 and $245,000 buys in Denver and around the country.


This little charmer is the smallest of the bunch and the best looking. It's utterly turnkey in my estimation, plus there's a charming backyard and porch. I think this is designed as housing kryptonite for someone my age.


This Phoenix loft has good-looking high ceilings and plenty of windows. But compared to the other houses this week, it seems a little small.


Here's a brand-new house in Austin with nearly double the square footage of Denver's house this week. The location is at the northern edge of Austin though. Otherwise, it seems nice, but as the photos appear to be renderings, I'm not inclined to remark on the beautiful fake light pouring in.


Humble Aurora has the most bang for your buck in terms of square footage this week. This home is also only 2 miles from either the Iliff or Nine Mile Station. Ever the font of optimism, this listing notes the home is an opportunity for sweat equity. I would say it's not very pretty, but if size is important to you, this home's got a bunch of it.

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