Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Aug. 7

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A young woman stands next to the sundial in Cranmer Park in March 1941. The sundial still stands and the park is being rehabilitated. (Western History & Genealogy Dept./Denver Public Library)

Hey. It's Monday and delightfully dreary weather has set upon us thanks to a climatological phenomenon. I'll catch you up on that and everything else I read this morning. As always, say hi.

A young woman stands next to the sundial in Cranmer Park in March 1941. <a href="">The sundial still stands and the park is being rehabilitated.</a> (Western History & Genealogy Dept./Denver Public Library)
What the weather's doing:

Did you know we have a monsoon? I did not, but it is the reason the summer's cooling down. As a result, expect rain and cooler temperatures this week. (Denverite)

Something to do:

Visit one of these record stores. It'll be good for you. (The Know)

No more Republican primary?

The Colorado Republican Party may cancel primary elections for Congress and state offices, John Frank reports. Some leaders are concerned that a new law will allow unaffiliated voters to come in and influence the party's selection of candidates. It's a major topic of contention in the party. (DP)

The big DIA plan:

Denver City Council is gearing up for a decision on a $1.8 billion plan with a private partner to renovate the main terminal at DIA. Erica deftly explains it all, from the actual plan to the questions about the finance plan. (Denverite)

Jeff Sessions:

The U.S. attorney general has warned the governor of Colorado that the state isn't doing enough to "stop marijuana from spilling over its borders, nor is the state keeping it out of the hands of kids," as Alicia Wallace reports. Washington and Oregon got similar letters. Colorado is preparing a response. (Cannabist)

What meow?

Meow Wolf has given $70,000 to 19 art and music spaces around Denver. Ashley digs into who got money and what they're doing with it. (Denverite)

Trees hate them:

You've heard of the emerald ash borer, which loves to mess up trees? I had not realized that they hadn't actually arrived in Denver yet. The city is spending $3 million over 10 years to try to keep it that way. Fun/scary feature by Michael Sakas. (CPR)

Historic buildings:

I will always include castle news in this roundup. Therefore, here is a feature by Melinda Pearson on the Richthofen Castle in Montclair, built by the uncle of the Red Baron. (Front Porch)

Windsor Mill, which was being converted into a brewery/restaurant/office, burned down on Sunday morning. (Greeley Tribune)

Climbing deaths:

An 18-year-old man died in a fall from the First Flatiron in Boulder. Another man died in a fall from Capitol Peak, a 14er near Aspen. (Camera, Denverite)


It's looking more likely that the U.S. will allow construction of a terminal on the Oregon coast for the export of natural gas. That would be the "first direct access to overseas markets for natural gas producers across the Interior West, including those in the Mancos Shale in Western Colorado," as Dan Boyce reports. (Inside Energy)


The Rockies lost a heartbreaker to the Phillies. Don Baylor, the first manager of the Rockies, has died at 68. (Denverite)

Taylor Swift:

Swift will be in town to testify in a civil trial starting this week involving the Denver DJ accused of groping the singer. Danika Worthington explores the significance and context of the case. (AP, DP)


Coal Creek Distillery is infusing its whiskey with hemp seeds, in case you want your whiskey to taste like edibles. Not that I've actually tried it, of course. (WGN9)

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