Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Sept. 13

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Hey there. It’s a holiday for city government people: We’ve got a $2 billion budget proposal to chew on. That’s just the tip of this news iceberg. Full speed ahead.

The Colorado State Capitol. (Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/George D. Begole Papers)  arapahoe courthouse; history; archival; downtown; denver public library; colorado; denverite

The Colorado State Capitol. (Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/George D. Begole Papers)

The city:

The big story in Denver today is the 2018 budget. Erica has a super helpful outline of the city’s spending priorities in this $2 billion plan. Interestingly, Denver’s collecting far less money than it expected from its affordable housing fund. Officials say it’s a temporary hiccup.

Denver’s Latino heritage is tremendously important. Hispanic Heritage Month starts this Friday, just before Mexican Independence Day. Ashley has your guide to the happenings. 

It’s hot today with a chance of storms. Should be cooler this weekend. (Denverite)


Cary Kennedy, a Democratic candidate for governor, wants to open up the Medicaid health care system for everyone. You would still pay premiums under this proposal. John Frank reports that it could be a “line in the sand” among the Democrats. (DP)

Rod Blagojevich, once the governor of Illinois, now spends his time mopping the floors of a federal prison in Colorado. He says he’s innocent, despite his corruption convictions. “I believe in clean government, and I believe in clean floors,” he said. (AP via NYT)

Sen. Cory Gardner is stanning for Colorado in the Amazon headquarters competition, as Aldo Svaldi and Joe Rubion report. That political support might come into play as one of the largest companies in the world scrounges for financial incentives. (DP)


Congress is not exactly moving quickly on DACA. By “giving Congress six months, with all the other things going on right now, the debt limit, the appropriations, tax reform, it’s not certainly on the top of the agenda right now,” said Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman, who has pushed for action. (NYT)

Iraqi people detained at the private immigration jail in Aurora allege they have faced harassment from ICE agents and security guards, as Chris Walker reports. (Westword)


If you make less than $56,000 as an individual or $64,000 as a couple, you might want to apply to buy one of the 33 “affordable” units that just came on the market near Union Station. They should sell for less than $300,000, Megan reports. (Denverite)

I dove a bit deeper into the debate over what should happen to Park Hill’s golf course. It’s privately run, and the nonprofit that controls the land has suggested affordable housing as part of one replacement, but the city has a lot of leverage too. (Denverite)

FareHarbor is moving its 100-person office to downtown from Speer, as Adrian reports. (Denverite)

Mayor Steve Hogan is asking RTD not to cut back service so early into the life of the R Line in Aurora, as Kara Mason reports. RTD is trying to save money due to budget problems. (Sentinel)


The renowned local scientist who unwrapped the Thornton triceratops bones at a Denver museum last week has died of an unexpected illness. The exact cause has not been disclosed. Mike Getty was a giant in his field. (Denverite)


Carlos Gonzalez is back in fine form and the Rockies have won six in a row. (AP via Denverite)

Christy Sports is replacing Colorado Ski and Golf on Wadsworth in Arvada. They’ll still sell skis, but they’ll also add patio furniture to the mix, as Kate Tracy reports. No more golf, though. (BusinessDen)

All the ski resorts love mountain coasters now. They’re kind of like alpine slides — you have a brake you can operate — but there are tracks. That’s probably good, since alpine slides have always felt ridiculously dangerous. (Aspen Times)


Craft beer prices are dropping by anywhere from about $0.50 to $1 a pack, as Kailyn Lamb reports. (BusinessDen)

Sushi burritos are set to arrive at Denver Pavilions after some delay, Susan Stapleton reports. I still think that sushi should be kept small. A shrimp tempura burrito does look good, though. (Eater)