Your Denver news podcast topics this week: “What’s so bad about gentrification anyway?”

Here’s this week’s episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!
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Here's this week's episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!

Here's how our host, Paul Karolyi, describes this episode:

This week on Denverite Now…

1) Megan introduces Colfax Week and offers an update on last year’s theme week, which was all about the 16th Street Mall. Here’s her latest piece on the current proposals to redevelop the mall:

How would you redesign the 16th Street Mall? Here are three new options

2) Erica talks through her new comprehensive dive into gentrification and how it has been affecting our city in all different ways. We highly recommend taking the time to read it here:

What’s so bad about gentrification anyway?

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