Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Oct. 21

Bills to end cat declawing and start online political ad regulation, another Broncos injury and more.

Barista Paul Harlan behind the bar at Bellwether on East Colfax Avenue, Oct. 19, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)  denver; colorado; denverite; kevinjbeaty; belwether; east colfax; mayfair; hale; coffee shop;

Barista Paul Harlan behind the bar at Bellwether on East Colfax Avenue, Oct. 19, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

It is not as nice out as it was yesterday. Stay inside. Read the news.

Denver could make it illegal to declaw your cat

City Council is considering a bill sponsored by Councilwoman Kendra Black that would prohibit the practice unless it’s medically necessary.

Why is it so bad?

Here’s what Erica learned: “Unlike the human fingernail, which just sits on top of your finger, a cat’s claw grows from its last knuckle, the third phalanx. Declawing procedures cut through the bone, but Lavizzo said the most common techniques are not very precise and often leave bone fragments along with injured bone tissue inside the cat’s paw. The procedure also severs tendons and prevents cats from walking on their toes as they should, leading to problems with gait and balance and causing arthritis and back pain.” (Denverite)

Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Coffman is co-sponsoring a bill to regulate political advertising online

The bill proposes that online ads be regulated the way TV ads are regulated, insuring that everyone can see who’s behind them. (CBS)

You won’t be able to get a margarita at Torchy’s for a week

The taco joint at Broadway and 11th had its liquor license suspended Oct. 16 through Oct. 29 for two violations of serving alcohol to a minor within the last year. It was also fined $1,564. (Denverite)

Not fined: Michael Mathieson

The owner of the apartment project where scaffolding collapsed, sending wooden boards through the ceiling of the under-construction Grateful Gnome Sandwich Shoppe & Brewery, was not found to be at fault for the incident.

“It doesn’t surprise me that he didn’t get cited,” Daniel Appell, the owner of Grateful Gnome, told Denverite in a message, adding “apparently gross-negligence almost killing three innocent humans” doesn’t factor into OSHA’s decisions.

Denver’s Confucius Center is celebrating 10 years

“During the 10 years, the Confucius Institute at CCD has bridged minds through language and cultural interaction, become a window for the people in Denver and the surrounding areas to know and learn more about China,”Ji Nan president Shiquang Zhang said. (DP)

NHL to Avs: Our bad

The league admitted it made a mistake in nullifying a late-game goal by the Avalanche during 4-3 loss to the Blues. This is the first time a mistake has been made since the NHL started allowing coach’s challenges in 2015-16. (AP)

The Broncos are having a bad time right now

For third time in five days, Denver lost a right tackle to injury. Menelik Watson and backup Billy Turner were both hurt during last Sunday’s loss to the Giants. On Thursday, Donald Stephenson tore his left calf muscle at practice. Not great, Bob. (AP)

Good news, nervous hikers

Rattlesnakes are going into hibernation. The bad news is their move to a hibernaculum, which I just learned about, is causing a closure at the Cottonwood Canyon Trail. (9)

If you’re ready to go out now, here are some things to do

We’ve got several flavors of fall fun for you, plus the usual stuff. (Denverite)