Looks like we’ll be typing the word “Grandoozy” a lot

The music festival at Overland Park — which will take over Overland Park Golf Course Sept. 14-16 — will be called Grandoozy.
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Overland Park Golf Course. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Great news, Denver. We can finally call the music festival planned for Overland Park Golf Course something with less mouth effort than "the music festival planned for Overland Park Golf Course."

Superfly, the production company heading up the event, announced an official name today: Grandoozy.

If you think that's weird, remember that Superfly's marquee festival is Bonnaroo.

Grandoozy — which is how I imagine someone's very Western grandpa describing a large music festival — will take over Overland Park Golf Course for three days, Sept. 14-16.

The lineup, coming March 20, will include local and "world class" artists, plus food, craft beer and cocktails, art and "outdoor experiences," according to a press release.

"Our interest in producing a landmark festival in Denver was born out of spending years getting to know the city and local community and diving head first into its flourishing cultural scene," Superfly co-founder Jonathan Mayers said in a statement. "Superfly’s expertise in producing large scale immersive festivals, paired with Denver's distinct and unique personality, is the perfect match for creating Grandoozy, a one of a kind experience that we hope becomes a source of pride and celebration for this amazing city."

We didn't arrive here without some controversy, of course. Some community members have pushed back against the idea of such a large event in a residential neighborhood, not to mention on golf course. We rounded up all the complaints and the measures being taken to address them back in July.

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