Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, March 9

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Denver Tramway Company trolleys circa 1900. (James E. Kunkle/Denver Public Library/Western History & Genealogy Dept./X-18297)

Hey, friends. Have you ever been, like, "What would happen if I emailed ever young progressive candidate in the tri-state area?" Well, I pretty much did that. We've got that and a ton of other news on housing, transportation and fun.

Denver Tramway Company trolleys circa 1900. (James E. Kunkle/Denver Public Library/Western History & Genealogy Dept./X-18297)
So many progressives:

Four of the area’s elected leaders are hitting their term limits, leaving their seats open for the taking. In response, dozens of young-ish candidates are rushing in, inspired both by the open seats and a wave of liberal energy. Here's what they told us about local Democratic politics. (Denverite)

Housing & transit:

"Part of the explosion around Ink Coffee was, at its core, a disrespect to the history of the neighborhood, and that is what is very much at the surface right now in the city," the mayor's former housing adviser said. (Denverite)

Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul: "Let’s not make it harder for those most in need of housing options to call Lakewood home. Let’s find solutions that balance the needs of those already here and allow future generations to thrive." (Denverite)

RTD and the transit union have a deal to significantly raise wages, bringing bus drivers to about $19 an hour by 2020. (CPR)

White flight still happens in suburban neighborhoods, according to a new study. (CityLab)

The fire:

A missing person is now confirmed to be the second death in the construction fire. The person's body was found near the location of the first body. (Denverite)


The Republican-controlled state Senate passed a measure that would allow Coloradans to carry a concealed gun without a permit. The legislation is likely to fail in the Democrat-controlled House. (DP)

Four Colorado Republican lawmakers on Thursday went to the White House with ideas for punishing so-called sanctuary cities. (AP)

Terrance Carroll, former speaker of the Colorado House, will join Denver Public Schools as a senior official. Melanie Asmar reports. (Chalkbeat)


There are so many good options. Check out your weekend planner. (Denverite)

Your guide to Frozen Dead Guy Days — a weird festival in a weird mountain town. (The Know)

"Grandoozy" is what they're calling the three-day music festival coming to Overland Park Golf Course this September. (Denverite)

Peyton Manning sold 31 Denver-area Papa John’s stores last week, more than any other quarterback in Broncos history. (Denverite)

This year's 4/20 celebration will have Lil Wayne and Lil Jon as headliners, among others. (Cannabist)

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