Did someone vandalize South Broadway’s pride crosswalk? Maybe, so Denver’s installing a camera.

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Tire tracks on a rainbow crosswalk across Broadway has raised questions about possible bias-related vandalism, July 6, 2018. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Someone set down a bit of rubber on Denver's LGBTQ pride crosswalk, and people are wondering if it was intentional.

In response, the city has installed a security camera.

The tire marks across the rainbow walkway at South Broadway and Irvington Street prompted a tweet from Alan Salazar, Mayor Michael Hancock's chief of staff:

It's "maybe completely innocent, who knows," Salazar later told Denverite. But the city has received a few complaints about it, he said, so they're going to fix up the damage and install the camera.

Rex Fuller, a spokesman for the GLBT Community Center of Colorado, hadn't heard about the tire marks until we called to ask about it. He also expressed uncertainty about the intentions: "It goes across the street, so one would probably expect some tire marks on it."

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