The Chariot shuttle is back from the dead at the University of Denver

(It never actually stopped living.)
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The company debuted the Chariot shuttle at a press event in October 2018. (David Sachs/Denverite)

That van-slash-Lyft-slash-bus thing known as Chariot is alive and well at the University of Denver despite its parent company, Ford, announcing its demise last month.

Though the transportation company ended its brief service between Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill and downtown, the DU loop remains intact, the school's sustainability coordinator, Chad King, told Denverite via email.

Only 110 people rode the shuttle's Cherry Creek line in two-and-a-half months. But Chariot serves 900 people at DU, said Stuart Anderson, executive director of Transportation Solutions, which manages the program.

The college looks to replace the service by March 1 "to avoid gaps since some students didn't bring a car to campus for the semester."

Chariot is still technically alive until the end of February, he said.

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