Is Denver’s airport talking about aliens all the time because it’s sick of weed jokes?

DIA heard you like conspiracy theories so it’s made a probably unexciting pact with Roswell’s airport.
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Denver International Airport’s iconic demonic horse, known as Blucifer. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Denver International Airport heard you like conspiracy theories, and it knows another airport with some conspiracy theories of its own.

So now DIA and the Roswell International Air Center in New Mexico are sister airports. Yes, that's the one with the aliens.

The relationship is at least as real as "a memorandum of understanding." DIA spokesperson Alex Renteria said the agreement means the two airports will be sharing trade secrets, privileged information including financial information and other best practices. She declined to elaborate.

The press release says "the new sister airports also plan to share their (extraterrestrial-combat) plans," but Renteria would not confirm the existence of such plans.

Frankly, we here at Denverite expect a little more transparency and straight-talk on our alien defense systems in a time when the actual Navy is acknowledging and acting on an uptick in UFO sightings by its pilotsYou can't just say these things.

Anyway, the new sibling-ship with Roswell means DIA now has four sister airports. The others are Munich Airport (Germany), Heathrow Airport (London) and Narita International Airport (Japan).

But hey, here's a fun fact: Roswell is also home to its own demon horse sculpture. They were both created by the same artist, Luis Jiménez, though Renteria points out Roswell's sinister horse is much smaller and is housed in a museum -- not at the airport.

What we're saying is Blucifer would win in a fight.

Esteban Hernandez contributed to this report.

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