Big boy snowstorm can’t stop Big Boy steam locomotive

The very large train persists toward Cheyenne.
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The Big Boy leaves Cheyenne for the first time in May. (Photo courtesy Union Pacific)

If you want to get around snowy conditions, maybe try a giant train.

Tuesday's snowstorm was no match for Union Pacific Railroad's Big Boy No. 4014, a 1.2 million pound engine that successfully departed Denver on Tuesday at 8:15 a.m. en route to its home in Cheyenne, according to Union Pacific spokesperson Kristen South. She added that the "beast" of a train didn't have any major issues.

The massive engine arrived in Denver on Monday afternoon and stayed at the Union Pacific North Yard overnight. The stop was part of a multi-state tour celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Transcontentinal Railroad's completion.

The only hiccup: the more than 130-foot-long engine left 15 minutes behind schedule, South said. But it's still scheduled to arrive in Cheyenne, where it's stored, at 3:15 p.m. today. South said it will make several "whistle stops" on its way north, including a brief stop in La Salle. She encourages folks hoping to grab a glimpse of the behemoth to track it using its website to avoid standing out in the cold.

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