The 8th and Downing Conoco gas station and garage is being (very quickly?) replaced by a slightly different Conoco gas station

It’ll have a convenience store.
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The old (and new) Conoco gas station at 1200 E. 8th Ave. in Country Club, Feb. 13, 2020.

You may have noticed that a very visible Conoco gas station and garage at Eighth Avenue and Downing Street was very visibly demolished recently.

In its place will be another Conoco minus the auto shop plus a convenience store, said Dianne Wolfe with Englewood-based G&S Oil Products. The company runs gas stations and convenience stores throughout the city and state.

Wolfe said the convenience store "will be better for us" than the garage, which offered car repairs. A Conoco garage still exists a little down the road at 6th Avenue and Josephine Street.

The store's frame is already visible, as are some significant tags (the graffiti kind).

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