It’s back: Some parking enforcement will resume in Denver

No more free parking downtown or in non-metered, time-limited residential parking.
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Parking meters along Delaware St. (Chloe Aiello/Denverite)

You might want to start carrying quarters again -- or at least get ready to swipe your credit card -- when parking on meters throughout the city as it resumes some parking enforcement today. But you still don't need to worry about booting.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure started enforcing some parking rules on Monday after suspending some of them in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. That includes paying for meters and paying attention to time-limited residential parking.

Here are some of the rules that are resuming as of Monday:

  • Meters in the downtown area will be turned on and fees will apply between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Time limits for the meters will apply as well. Parking will be free at the meters from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.
  • Meters outside downtown are will be turned on as well and. Those have different time limits posted on them and you'll be expected to follow them.
  • Enforcement will resume for non-metered and time-limited parking spaces and residential parking programs. The city is encouraging people who are eligible for parking permits to apply online.

Here's what still suspended for now:

  • Vehicles larger than 22 feet in length will still be allowed to park on the street in non-residential areas until further notice.
  • There won't be enforcement of school bus loading zones until school is back in session.
  • No booting! The city won't be booting cars until further notice..
  • The city won't cite people whose cars need to be towed to allow for street paving projects until further notice. . But the city is still asking residents to move their cars so this work can take place. If cars are in the way, they'll be moved within a two-mile radius of where the car was parked.

And here are some other rules, starting on July 1:

  • Street sweeping enforcement will resume, so you'll need to move your car or risk getting a ticket.
  • The 72-hour parking limit will resume, meaning you can't keep your car on a public street in one spot for longer than 72 hours.

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