We’re hiring a City Council and transportation reporter!

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Denver’s City and County Building. Aug. 10, 2021.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

Do you want to dive head first into the power structure in Denver? Are you the type that geeks out over bus routes? Do we have a job for you! Denverite's hiring someone to cover City Council and transportation issues with an emphasis on equity.

Why both beats?

This city has a large appetite for understanding who pushes the levers downtown and how they get to and from work. City Council makes a lot of decisions in Denver -- along with the mayor, who you'll probably get to know pretty well, too. And in a city built mostly for cars that has some of the worst air quality in the world, what does the future hold? Do you already have questions to ask about how people can get where they need to go efficiently, equitably and safely? Apply!

Cool! How?

Mmm, yes, good question. The folks over at Colorado Public Radio (our owners and friends) set up this nifty application portal for us. See? They are nice.

Yeah, so about that whole radio thing...

The Denverite reporter will spend the bulk of their time cranking out stories for denverite.com. But they will be called upon to work on radio spots from time to time. But radio experience is absolutely not required. Take it from me: The radio folks are excellent teachers.

This post is kind of...different. Is an actual human writing it?

Yes! We at Denverite pride ourselves on being humans who write for humans. We're casual, and we aim to delight. In fact, one time we sent our old City Council reporter to review prime rib night at a local golf course. Fun isn't *rare* around here!

Oh dear. 

Sorry. Apply now!

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