Play our version of Guess Who and get to know some mayoral candidates

This is a ploy to make you civically engaged.
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Who’s it gonna be?
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

A couple of reporters were recently chuckling online that there's so many people running to be Denver's next mayor that they can play Guess Who with the candidates.

"Haha," they said. "Denverite should make this," they said.

Do not tempt us.

For some background and due credit, we'll tell you now that the game was invented by Israeli game makers Ora and Theo Coster and first manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1979. It's now owned by Hasbro, who we hope will be down with this municipally minded parody.

With the gauntlet thrown, we got to work. What follows is that very game.

Here's how to play:

You can play in this article or click here to fill your browser with the game. You and a friend must each open a board and pick a candidate. Then, take turns asking questions to narrow down who your opponent might have chosen. You can tap the individual faces to flip them over as you go along.

Questions might be about physical appearance or clothing. If you want to play the Denverite Expert Version™, refer to the individual candidates' profiles (by clicking on their names) or our big list of contenders and use their backgrounds and policy positions to make your eliminations. Have fun!

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