Denver Street Sweeping returns on Election Day

It’s that time of year the streets get a little cleaner and drivers get more $50 tickets.
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A street sweeper gives a (probably much needed) clean of Colfax Avenue. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Every year, the city tickets drivers who fail to move their cars on street sweeping days. It is a perennial Denver headache that affects the have-nots way more than the haves.

This year's launch of street sweeps is special because the ticketing starts on Election Day, Tuesday, April 4.

Sure, the city has signs around town. But people don't look at parking notices 365 days a year. And while maybe a handful of residents out there put DIY signs on the streets on their monthly street-sweeping days or knock on their neighbors' doors to remind them, that's generally not a thing.

In short, people just get busted.

So, once again, Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure wants to remind people to step outside, check the red-and-white parking notice signs, and mark street sweeping days on their calendars.

The City of Denver offers to send text and email reminders about street sweeping days. You can sign up online by clicking here.

What's the point of this?

Streets get nasty. Pebbles, glass and litter line them. The litter gets in the water supply, clogs sewer inlets (yuck!), and some even enters the air, according to DOTI.

All that trash is a hazard for bikers and drivers alike, and frankly, it's also an eye sore.

So, the city does what it can to keep the roads clear -- including asking residents not to sweep their leaves and yard waste into the roads.

Don't worry. This headache only lasts half a year.

Come December, residents won't have to deal with these tickets (or have clean streets) for another few months.

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