Denver runoff voter guide: the mayor’s race and three City Council districts up for grabs

What you need to know about choosing between Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston, and how to decide in the races for City Council districts 8, 9 and 10.
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Election Day is June 6.

And this time, we will know who the city's next mayor will be. Voters in City Council districts 8, 9 and 10 will also decide who will represent them at City Hall.

The mayoral finalists, former Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce CEO Kelly Brough and former state senator Mike Johnston, separated themselves from the pack of 16 hopefuls on the ballot in early April.

The two were the biggest fundraisers in the entire field and both seem to be amenable picks for the city's political and business establishment. That has left a lot of Denverites wondering: what's the difference between the two? Fortunately for those asking that question, this voter guide includes breakdowns of the candidates' housing, homelessness, public safety, transportation and climate policy plans.

But before we get to that...

? A few things to know about voting:

Ballots will start being mailed to registered voters on May 15.

You can check your voter registration status or register to vote at the Colorado Secretary of State's website. You can get a ballot mailed to you if you register at least 22 days before Election Day. Also, you can register to vote through Election Day, though that means you will have to vote in person.

Denver also allows you to track your ballot. You can sign up for that here.

✅ And on that note: Where can I vote?

You can find a list of polling locations in Denver County by clicking here.

❓ So how to choose between Brough and Johnston?

We can't tell you how to vote, but we can tell you where they agree and where they disagree. We've put together looks at each of the following issues that are top of mind for voters:

?Housing and affordability

? Homelessness

?Public safety


? Climate change

And Ryan Warner of Colorado Matters sat down with both candidates in early May to talk about the election and other pressing issues. You can read and listen to their interviews here:

Brough on homelessness, transportation and more

Johnston on housing, education, crime and more

Here are a few other stories you might find useful in deciding between the candidates:

Kelly Brough's partner has long influenced city politics on behalf of businesses like Frontier Airlines, Kroenke and large developers

Denver mayor candidate Kelly Brough says she'll end homeless encampment sweeps

A very Denverite mayoral questionnaire: Kelly Brough

Big out-of-state money is flowing to support Mike Johnston again

Denver mayor candidate Mike Johnston: "We can end homelessness in my first term." How would that work?

A very Denverite mayoral questionnaire: Mike Johnston

Three City Council districts will also be on the ballot:

District 8 - Brad Revare vs. Shontel M. Lewis

In the race to represent District 8, both Revare and Lewis seem ready to work together regardless of the outcome, but the two have their differences, particularly when it comes to housing. Read the full district profile here.

City Council District 8.
Data Source: Denver Elections Division
Data Source: Denver Elections Di

District 9 - Darrell Watson vs. Candi CdeBaca (incumbent)

City Council's most outspoken member, CdeBaca, who prides herself on her community-focused, grassroots approach, faces a challenge from a candidate that has gotten support from developers and area influencers, like Rockies owner Rick Monfort. Read the  full profile of arguably the most intense City Council runoff this cycle here.

City Council District 9.
Data Source: Denver Elections Division
Data Source: Denver Elections Di

District 10 - Chris Hinds (incumbent) vs. Shannon Hoffman

In the race to represent a district at Denver's core, incumbent Hinds is looking to stave off a political newcomer that could change the makeup of city council. Hoffman is aligned with the Democratic Socialists of America and could form a coalition on council if CdeBaca holds onto her seat and Lewis picks up District 8. Read the full council profile here.

City Council District 10.
Data Source: Denver Elections Division
Data Source: Denver Elections Di

Voters in District 7 will see their runoff race on the ballot, but Nick Campion withdrew from the race in April.

Editor's note: Some language used in this guide appeared in our April election voter guide. 

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