Denver’s about to get its first 90-degree August day. But first, can we talk about how gorgeous the weather has been?

Even 90 degrees isn’t that bad.
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The renovated Congress Park pool. Aug. 2, 2022.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

Can we take a second to shout out just how nice it's been outside since the start of August?

The cool breeze flowing in through my windows has been a highlight of my week, given that I've been sick the past two days after my kid shared his cold with me. The cooler weather has given our brand new AC unit a break; it's only run a few times this week.

But today's forecast from the National Weather Service shows it will be the first day in August that will reach  90 degrees in Denver, and we could hit that mark again Friday and Saturday.

It's been a relatively cool start to August compared to at least the last two years.

By this point in August last year, we'd already hit the 90-degree mark seven times and triple digits once, according to NWS historical data. And the temperature reached 90 degrees four times in August 2021 in the same number of days.

Sure, the sun has been its usual very hot and aggressive self -- it is summer after all. But that's nothing a good tree (we love a good tree) or hat can't help you deal with.

The mornings have felt cold -- to me, anyway. This was especially true on Sunday when I went to the final Viva Streets Denver on Broadway and met with a few of you at our table. At times, I longed for a hoodie.

Anyway, this summer, with it's rainiest June since the 1880s, has been my favorite since I made the move here from Texas, where a lot of my family and friends have been dealing with triple-digit highs almost all summer long.

Sadly, there is a hammer drop coming to all this: Denver's summers are probably just going to get hotter as the West gets hotter and dryer because of climate change, and that's just something those of us who live here will likely just have to get used to.

For now, let's enjoy the next few days.

After Saturday, max temps will dip back into the 80s until next Wednesday, according to the current NWS forecast. So, if you have kiddos in Denver Public Schools, be sure to make the most of the nice days left before they start school and maybe take them somewhere nice.

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