Aurora City Council election results: Balance of power at stake as results roll in

Republicans have held a one-seat majority.
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Aurora’s municipal building. Nov. 27, 2019. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Republicans have the potential to gain further control of Aurora City Council as initial election results come in. The election is non-partisan, but in a diverse city with partisan divides, the race will determine the balance of power in the city.

In recent years, a slight Republican majority has passed an urban camping ban and voted down a minimum wage increase.

Based on initial results, Democrats look likely to lose one of their four seats. Juan Marcano, an incumbent Democrat, chose to run for mayor instead of his Ward IV seat. As current results stand, that gamble is not paying off for Aurora Democrats. Marcano appears to be headed for defeat against incumbent Republican Mayor Mike Coffman -- meanwhile, Republican Stephanie Hancock leads Democrat Jonathan Gray in the race for Marcano's former seat.

It's a good night for incumbents across the board in the Aurora City Council races, all of whom look poised to keep seats on Council based on initial results, including incumbent Democrat Alison Coombs. Current projections show a Council with three Democrats and six Republicans. Angela Lawson, who is unaffiliated but has often voted with conservatives, also leads her race.

"We have a great city that we should all be proud of, and we just need to keep it safe," said incumbent Councilmember Françoise Bergan, a Republican in the lead to keep her Ward VI seat. "We need to just make sure that we're pro-business, thank God, and that we make sure that we're going to be pursuing economic development to make this the greatest city in the state of Colorado."

There are still votes to be counted, but here's what results show partway through Tuesday night.


There are two seats open in the at-large race.

Incumbent at-large Counclimember Curtis Gardner, a registered Republican, is in first with around 28% of the vote.

Alison Coombs, a Democrat who has represented Ward V since 2019, is in a close second with nearly 28% of the vote.

Jono Scott, a pastor and registered Republican, has around 22% of the vote.

Thomas Mayes, a pastor and registered Democrat, has around 21% of the vote.

In Ward IV:

Stephanie Hancock, President of the Aurora Cultural Arts District, leads with around 55% of the vote. She is a registered Republican.

Jonathan Gray, who works for the finance division of Arapahoe County's Department of Human Services, has around 45% of the vote. He is a registered Democrat.

In Ward V:

Angela Lawson, who has served on City Council at-large for eight years, leads with around 61% of the vote.

Chris Rhodes, a community organizer with the Colorado People's Alliance, has around 38% of the vote. He is a registered Democrat.

In Ward VI:

Incumbent Councilmember Françoise Bergan, who has served since 2015, has around 63% of the vote. She is a registered Republican.

Brian Matise, a retiring lawyer and Director of the Tollgate Crossing Metropolitan District No. 2, has 37% of the vote. He is a registered Democrat.

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