Lily the bus-riding dog has found her family

Her family is still looking for one of Lily’s puppies.
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Lily the bus-riding dog is reunited with Lance and Sandra, her parents, at the Riverdale Animal Shelter.
Courtesy: Riverdale Animal Shelter

Last week we brought you the story of Lily the dog, who was discovered on an RTD bus after she wandered aboard by herself.

Good news for those of you waiting with bated breath for the conclusion of this story: Lily found her family.

You can see their sweet reunion below, courtesy of the Riverdale Animal Shelter.

Lance, her dad, who declined to give his last name, said his cousin saw our coverage and sent word on Lily's location. He said heavy rains a few weeks ago turned their yard's fences into doorways, which is how Lily got loose.

While he was thankful for the reunion, Lance said he's not out of the woods quite yet. One of Lily's puppies, who Lance said is about a year old, also got loose. He's planning to send photos to us and Riverdale in case anyone's seen the little one. (We'll add it to this story when he sends it.)

"It's happy but bittersweet. But we're glad we got her home," Lance told Denverite. "What was really surprising was she got on a bus. I had no idea, it was kind of amazing to me."

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