Denver’s most walkable neighborhoods may be its happiest

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This guy might be happy.

How are you feeling today? Are you happy?

Your answer might depend partly on where you live and how you get to work. A study at McGill University in Montreal found that people are happiest when they walk to work, Business Insider reports.

The study also found that although longer commutes make everyone less happy, people who hoof it, ride a bike or take the bus are less less happy with a longer trip. An extra 10 minutes of travel only reduced their satisfaction by half as much as people who drive, ride the train or take the subway.

There are exceptions, of course. The study's participants were mostly young and able-bodied students -- so, people for whom walking is not difficult -- and women in the study were less likely than men to prefer walking because it exposes them to street harassment. Also, walking to work on days when it's freezing or raining will probably make you less happy than the warm, dry car commuters.

Still, it makes sense that living in one of Denver's most walkable neighborhoods would make your days a little more pleasant. Unsurprisingly, walkability is strongly correlated with how close a neighborhood is to the center of the city. According to Walk Score, these are Denver's five most and least walkable neighborhoods.

Most Walkable
1. Capitol Hill

Walk score: 92
Transit score: 65
Bike score: 90

2. Downtown

Walk score: 89
Transit score: 83
Bike score: 93

3. Cherry Creek

Walk score: 86
Transit score: 49
Bike score: 77

4. Speer

Walk score: 85
Transit score: 55
Bike score: 92

5. Baker

Walk score: 84
Transit score: 60
Bike score: 88

Least Walkable
1. Green Valley Ranch

Walk score: 23
Transit score: 33
Bike score: 60

2. Fort Logan

Walk score: 25
Transit score: 29
Bike score: 51

3. Bear Valley

Walk score: 30
Transit score: 34
Bike score: 49

4. Marston

Walk score: 33
Transit score: 27
Bike score: 50

5. Southmoor Park

Walk score: 33
Transit score: 53
Bike score: 42

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