If you like food, follow these Denver Instagram and Twitter accounts

Actually, you probably should care what these people ate for breakfast. Follow these Denver-based foodies, journalists and publications for tips, deals, recipes and, of course, food porn.


If you’re not hungry, you’re about to get hungry.

“I don’t care what you ate for breakfast.”

It’s the standard refrain of social media haters who have never really explored social media.

And they’ve obviously never browsed the Denver dining Instagram and Twitter accounts below, because what the people behind them eat for breakfast — and lunch and dinner — is useful information.

It’s true that Twitter can feel like an echo chamber in which everyone is screaming and that it seems like everyone on Instagram has a better life than you do. But with a little curation, you can cut through the Twitter cacophony and turn IG envy into IG inspiration.

Citizen foodies

Let’s be honest, you generally don’t want to see photos of your friends’ meals. They look… unappetizing. But these local foodies are far more adept at the #foodgram than your freshman-year roommate. (Although, sure, they were all probably someone’s freshman roommate.) Their photos can make your mouth water and your stomach grumble. Thankfully, they’ll always tell you where to satisfy that craving.

5280 Eats

On IG: 5280_eats
From french fries to oak-fired octopus, this account covers it all.

Denver Food Gals

On IG: denverfoodgals
These gals haven’t posted in a few weeks, but we’re still holding on for a comeback.

Fall lunch goals 🍽

A post shared by @ denverfoodgals on

Mile High & Hungry

On IG: milehighandhungry
Chloe Rekow (chloerekow) just might have the biggest sweet tooth of all these local foodies.

taco tuesday the @nuggsicecream way🍦

A post shared by mile high & hungry (@milehighandhungry) on

MyFab5 Denver

On IG: bestfooddenver
This crowdsourced account is run by Bre Patterson (biteswithbre) and Kate Gilb (kateshungry), who share select photos with the tag #myfab5.

Nightlife Denver

On IG: nightlifedenver
A little different from the rest, this account focuses less on eye candy and more on giveaways, happy hours and other tips and deals.


Following Denver’s dining critics, reporters and editors will give you the most comprehensive look at the city’s food and drink. They know all the openings, closing, recipes, trends, tips, chefs and restauranteurs. They’re about more than just the pretty pictures.

Mark Antonation

Westword food and drink editor
On Twitter: @Mantonat

Amanda M. Faison

5280 Magazine food editor
On Twitter: @AmandaMFaison
On IG:

Colleen O’Connor

Denver Post food writer
On Twitter: @COConnorDP

William Porter

Denver Post restaurant critic
On Twitter: @williamporterdp

Andra Zeppelin

Eater Denver editor
On Twitter: @AndraZeppelin
On IG:

Taco night set-up built around smoked @westerndaughters rib tips.

A post shared by Andra Zeppelin (@andrazeppelin) on


This category is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to keep an eye on all of the city’s dining and nightlife coverage, follow its top outlets.

303 Magazine

On Twitter: @303_Magazine
On IG: 303magazine

5280 Magazine

On Twitter: @5280Magazine
On IG: 5280magazine


On Twitter: @dnvrite
On IG: dnvrite 

HELLO WORLD! Patrons yuk it up after dark at @TagRestaurant in #LarimerSquare.

A post shared by Denverite (@dnvrite) on

Denver Post

On IG: denverpostfood
This one stands out for its videos and how-tos.

Eater Denver

On Twitter: @EaterDenver
On IG: eater_denver
In addition to original content, Eater shares the best food photos tagged #eaterdenver.


On Twitter: @CafeWestword
On IG: denverwestword

Zagat Denver

On Twitter: @ZagatDenver

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