NEED TO KNOW: Tiny houses, aging farmers and a very wealthy man

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Other stuff from around the web today:

  • Colorado Springs just gave itself a pretty big title: Tiny House Capital of America. The city is reportedly home to the country's largest manufacturer of itty-bitty houses, and it'll host the Tiny Host Jamboree again this summer. (The Gazette)
  • Colorado's average farmer is about 60 years old. Would-be growers at one educational program fail at rates of up to 75 percent. Starting next year, a new tax break aims to change that. (Boulder Daily Camera)
  • Greg Maffei took a 76 percent pay-cut and still managed to make $29.3 million last year. That's enough to keep the Liberty executive atop Colorado's highest-paid executives, according to financial data provided to the Denver Post. (DP)

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