Habitat getting more involved in Globeville, Denver’s super low property taxes and a new home price index

Three real estate reads for the day.

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My three favorite real estate reads of the day: what Habitat for Humanity hopes to accomplish in Globeville, why Denver’s property taxes are not high at all and more.

Habitat for Humanity is hustling to help residents of Globeville, reports Denver Real Estate Watch. But this is no ordinary act of volunteerism, this is an act of advocacy. Heather Lafferty, CEO and executive director of the organization tells the site that property values there are increasing faster than any other part of the city.

Denver’s property taxes are less than half the nation’s average rate, according to a study from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence. That’s partly because the city doesn’t rely on the revenue from property taxes, says the report, but also just because home values are so high. Denver also ranks high in the report’s study of preferential treatment towards homeowners, at least when compared to commercial properties.

How tempted to move to the suburbs are you right now? The Washington Post mapped Denver’s home price appreciation according to new federal data and the heart of our city is getting expensive fast.