A bear keeps crashing weddings in Boulder (and it’s not Vince Vaughn)

Grizzly bears. (National Park Service)

Grizzly bears. (National Park Service)

“He generally comes to all our weddings,” a Boulder venue manager told the Daily Camera.

A bear keeps showing up uninvited to weddings at Wedgewood on Boulder Creek, presumably because he can’t resist celebrations of eternal love.

Just kidding. He definitely just wants to eat. He is a bear.

And he’s not alone. The Daily Camera reports that the venue is regularly visited by several bears, one of which has cubs.

It sounds cute and funny, but the latest incident got a little sketchy.

“We typically can just hit pots and pans together, and it will run away,” Wedgewood manager Paige Lorenzen told the Camera. “But this time, it was almost like charging at us, kind of pouncing. That was not the behavior we had seen before.”

Click over to the Daily Camera for more on Boulder’s bear problems, including tips to keep bears out of trouble.


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