July 12: Firefighters are trying to hold the line against Nederland’s Cold Springs Fire

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An aircraft lays a line of fire suppressant. (Chief Jeff Berino / Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue)

Rubble marks the remains of one of several houses destroyed by the Cold Springs Fire. (Chief Jeff Berino / Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue)

The Cold Springs Fire stands somewhere between 500 and 570 acres, depending on whose estimates you use. More wind and humidity today could again drive its spread, but firefighters reported some success in preventing its spread on Monday.

The fire seems to be shifting eastward. Officials have reopened Sugarloaf Road, which runs just to the north of the fire, but the blaze now is pushing up against Boulder Canyon Drive to the south, as an online incident map shows. Firefighters are trying hard to keep it from crossing the canyon road, which acts as a barrier.

Donations are now being accepted to the Cold Springs Fire Fund. Two men have been accused of leaving a campfire that started the wildfire.

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