In-N-Out Burger not coming to Denver, despite what lying liars say online

Sorry, friends.
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In-N-Out (Criag Lloyd/Flickr)

(Craig Lloyd/Flickr)

UPDATE, Nov. 30, 2017: OK, now In-N-Out is coming to Colorado.


Everyone so often, Denver is abuzz with rumors that In-N-Out is finally setting up shop in the Mile High.

And each time that talk gets started, the poor reps at the California-based chain have to let us down.

"Unfortunately, at this time, we have no plans to open a restaurant in Denver," Carl Van Fleet, In-N-Out's vice president of planning and development, said in an email. "We only operate in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Oregon today. While we hope to make it to the Denver in the future, our slow growth plans will prevent us from getting there in the near-term future."

Fresh food is In-N-Out's thing and, as has been reported before, far and wide, In-N-Out only opens restaurants within one day's drive from a distribution center. So Denver will have to wait until a distribution center opens nearby.

Sorry, friends. See you again this time next year, when we'll inevitably have to crush your dreams again.

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