You can volunteer to operate a “Goosinator” goose-scaring machine at Denver parks

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Screengrab of the Goosinator.

Were you one of those kids who liked to chase pigeons around? Are you one of those adults who likes to chase pigeons around?

As the Denver Post helpfully reported, there are geese in parks. Geese are birds. Birds poop. Geese are big birds. Goose poop is big and annoying.

So what are you going to do about it, besides complain? Do you have what it takes to operate a stupid orange machine to terrorize wildlife because you think it shouldn't poop? You may be the perfect candidate to operate a Goosinator.

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The official Denver Parks and Recreation listing for the Goosinator Operator Program says that if you volunteer, you'll be trained in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which seems like payment enough.

But just in case, we've reached out to ask if it's legal to buy your own Goosinator and bring it to parks.

Here's the full volunteer posting as it exists this morning:

Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) receives numerous complaints regarding the amount of geese in urban parks. Humane hazing, or 'persistent stalking' is often recommended as a non-lethal management strategy for controlling nuisance geese problems.

The Goosinator acts as a combination of both a Border Collie and a remote controlled boat, so up to 90% of geese on a property can be removed. It can also be operated on ice, snow and water.

Due to a lack of natural predators, many geese have made their homes in Denver parks. Persistence and repetition is necessary to provide the perception of a predator living and hunting in the area.

Training is required to participate in this program and includes:

  • Goosinator operation
  • Legal issues such as Migratory Bird Treaty Act
  • Public interaction/communication techniques
  • DPR and Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) guidelines, hazing techniques, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Operate the Goosinator in a humane, safe, and effective manner
  • Represent DPR in a professional manner throughout operations and interactions with the public
  • Participate in annual trainings

Availability and Time Commitment:

  • Flexible schedule and availabiity helpful
  • 6 hour monthly time commitment


  • Ability to learn to operate the remote-controlled Goosinator
  • Ability to walk to different locations within parks
  • Ability to travel to different parks within City of Denver
  • Willingness and ability to represent DPR and CPW policies regarding goose issues and sensitivities
  • Patience and ability to stay calm in emotionally-charged situations
  • Comfort interacting with the public
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills
  • Self-motivated and self-directed
  • Excellent decision-making and judgement skills
  • Able to successfully pass a background check
  • 18+ years old or have permission of a parent or guardian to participate in program
  • Passion for wildlife and educating others about co-existing with wildlife

Further information on the Goosinator is available at

For an application or other information regarding the volunteer programs, please contact:
Tina Myers - DPR Volunteer Coordinator
720-698-4904, [email protected]

For Goosinator program specific information, please contact:
Vicki Vargas-Madrid -DPR Wildlife Specialist
720-865-4334, [email protected]

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