Denver ranks dead last on cellular data speeds

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In Denver, your phone might look like this a lot. (David Becher/Flickr)

Can’t get decent cell service in Denver?

No, it’s not just your garden level apartment. According to a new report released by Rootmetrics, Denver ranked 125th on a list of cellular speeds, out of the 125 most populous metro areas.

“At #18 in population, Denver may be the mile-high city, but it came in dead last on our speed rankings,” the report reads.

The list was compiled by comparing network reliability, speed and data, call and text performance on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Here’s how we ranked, out of 125, in each category:

Reliability: 84th

Speed: 125th

Data: 124th

Call: 87th

Text: 64th

Overall: 119th

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