Looks like Amazon Flex is paying people Uber-style to deliver packages in Denver

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A pile of parcels at the US Postal Service’s sorting and shipping hub. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) mail; amazon; shipping; usps; postal service; logistics; economics; denverite; denver; colorado; kevinjbeaty;

Amazon apparently has expanded its Uber-style delivery program to Denver.

Amazon Flex pays people "$18 to $25 an hour" to take packages from a warehouse to customers' homes, according to Amazon.

The company doesn't list Denver as a market for Flex, but the YouTube user C Ivy has been documenting her work with the program over the last couple weeks in the metro.

In the video below, you can see her pull into a warehouse with a bunch of other cars before heading out to the streets of Denver. (We're awaiting confirmation from Amazon.)

Ivy reports that she was given 46 packages to deliver in her first four-hour "block" of work. Drivers pay for their own insurance and gas.

"I don't know if this is realistic as far as full-time opportunity, just because there's so many drivers waiting to get in there," said the YouTube user C Ivy, who made her first delivery mid-July.

Amazon launched this service in order to lower its costs and to make speedy deliveries of household goods for Prime Now, but it's now using the service for regular deliveries too, Reuters reported.

Prime Now is not listed as available for Denver, either – but the local launch of Flex and a big new warehouse in Aurora could indicate that we're on the list.

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