Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Aug. 6

Hello, corpse flower.
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Hello, corpse flower.

The Denver Botanic Gardens is "pleased as pungent punch" to announce that another big stinky flower has bloomed there. The bloom only lats 24-48 hours, so go see and smell it now.

In other news...

A one-room schoolhouse opened in northwest Denver and, yes, this is still 2016. (9)

You can start using rain barrels on Wednesday (or keep using one, but now 100 percent, definitely legally). (DP)

Fort Collins says freeing the nipple is not a first amendment issue because topless women don't convey a specific message. (7)

Topless men, of course, convey a very powerful message of world peace, or something. (Time)


Hickenlooper: Colorado is still important. (CBS)


A Golden man -- not content to be just a three-time Paralympian in wheelchair basketball and a two-time world champion -- is the first amputee to summit Mt. Everest. (BDC)


Brazil put on a show and the world's top athletes showed up in their best blazers. Welcome to the Rio Olympics. (DP)

Meanwhile, in Englewood, it's looking like the Broncos could have a tough time choosing a wide receiver for the No. 3 spot.


Torchy's Tacos thinks we need more tacos, will open in Greenwood Village with more Tex-Mex goodness next week.

Cookie dough kombucha float, anyone? (5280)

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